feast prepared foods

each day, the chefs at feast prepare fully-cooked sides and entrées from scratch in small batches to ensure the quality that you will feel good about sharing with your family and friends.

Our selection changes daily and seasonally, so please call for our daily offerings. Popular items tend to sell quickly so be sure to place your order in advance. If you are in need of a larger quantity of our popular prepared foods, let us know at least two days ahead so that can meet your needs.

Here is a sample of what you might find:


meatloaf all-natural beef, pork and veal wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and topped with our feast sauce
pulled pork hand-rubbed with feast special seasonings, slow-roasted overnight, hand-pulled and combined with feast’s tangy BBQ sauce
crab cakes lump crab with sweet baby corn and diced red pepper
chicken romano, chicken parmesan, grilled lemon and our own chicken tenders all hand-cut and prepared in-house
pot pies chicken and vegetable topped with an all-butter puff pastry crust
quiche all-butter crust made in-house with a variety meats, vegetables and cheeses

vegetables & grains

grilled vegetables zucchini, yellow squash, red and yellow peppers, sweet onion with a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper
quinoa patties featuring fresh grated parmesan, chives and sautéed onion
brussels sprouts roasted with applewood smoked bacon or with fresh grated parmesan and lemon
green beans with brown butter and toasted almonds or shallots and fresh parmesan
risotto stuffed peppers with creamy parmesan herb risotto
tabbouleh and cracked wheat and corn salad delicious, classic grains
potato gratin sweet potato with pancetta and Gruyère, or traditional


mixed greens served with your choice of
Newman’s Organic dressing. (balsamic, golden
Italian, Caesar, ranch)

chicken salad tomato, cucumber, carrots
kale and roasted cauliflower candied pecans, granny smith apple, crumbled blue cheese
zucchini chick pea with roasted sweet potatoes, fresh herbs and tahini dressing
classic potato salad and buttermilk coleslaw each with our house-made dressings
broccoli crunch featuring applewood smoked bacon, red onion and house dressing


orzo with feta tossed with grilled vegetables and a light lemon vinaigrette
spicy Thai noodles with fresh ginger, carrots, zucchini and edamame
pesto pasta and peas with house made pesto
mac & cheese A grown up version of your favorite classic
lasagna meat, vegetable or mushroom with bechamel sauce


when calling in orders for 4+ sandwiches and / or salads, please allow for 30 minutes to pick up

made with all-natural and gluten-free deli meats that have no artificial ingredients or MSG.

turkey panini $7.99 oven roasted turkey, caramelized onion, house made cranberry relish, and brie on stirato roll
rachel $7.99 oven roasted turkey, Swiss, sauerkraut, house-made 1,000 island on marble rye
chicken club $7.99 oven-roasted chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, and chipotle mayo
roast beef and blue $7.99 angus roast beef, arugula and house-made blue cheese mayo on stirato roll (hot or cold)
beef stampede $7.99 angus roast beef, horseradish sauce, white cheddar, mixed greens and sliced tomato
ploughman $7.99 applewood smoked ham, white cheddar, major grey’s chutney, and pickle pressed on stirato roll
heavenly ham $7.99 applewood smoked ham, brie, and honey mustard
cubano $7.99 house-roasted pulled pork, applewood smoked ham, provolone, dill pickles, and Dijon mustard
pulled pork $7.99 house-roasted pulled pork topped with tangy BBQ sauce, slaw, and bread & butter pickle on toasted challah roll
crab cake sandwich or salad $7.99 feast crab cake served warm on toasted challah roll and topped with chipotle mayo and greens OR on a bed of mixed greens
chicken salad sandwich or salad $7.99 house-made chicken salad of the day with mixed greens on wheat OR served on bed of mixed greens
grilled veg & goat cheese sandwich / salad $7.99 slow-roasted veggies, mixed green and whipped goat cheese on wheat OR bed of mixed greens
feast grilled cheese $7.99 aged Gruyère, caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon on stirato roll

make your own sandwich


your choice of bread, pick a deli meat and cheese, add condiments, add applewood smoked bacon or a second meat or cheese for $1

stirato roll, challah bun, whole wheat, marble rye

deli meats
applewood smoked ham, angus roast beef , oven roasted turkey, chicken breast

brie, white cheddar, Swiss, Gruyère, goat cheese, American, provolone

mayo: classic, blue cheese, chipotle, and horseradish sauce
mustard: honey, dijon, French grain
veg: mixed greens, arugula, tomato, carrot, cucumber


house-made from scratch every day. Please call for the daily offering

Cup $3.50, Bowl $5.50, Quart $11.50